FREE Homeschool Curriculum Texbooks and Resources

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FREE Mathematics Test (and original books) from the 1800’s

Links to other websites with FREE schooling resources

The typing club has free typing lessons, games and practice for absolute beginners to learn to type (my 7 year old loves it). As well as those things they also allow to choose the type of keyboard you want to learn by country.

But it doesn’t stop there! The typing club also has short informative video’s peppered throughout the 600+ lessons to teach correct posture and the damages that long amounts of screen time can do to your back, eye’s and body in general.

They also give quick exercises to prevent you from every getting to the point of being damaging so it’s all around the best typing course we’ve ever come across.

If you’re looking for free Mathematics worksheet this website has 58,000 of them, organized in a very easy to find manner AND they span all grades! Each worksheet also has answers that you can choose to download or not if you want.

Everything is downloadable in the pdf format. BUT make sure you have your ad blocker extension turned off or this website whitelisted for it or it will disable all the download/save/view buttons.

This is one of the easiest websites to maneuver around.

This is an excellent resource for Mathematics worksheets. With probably thousands to choose from and they even have by topic like Christmas, Halloween etc… there is definitely a feeling of fun when browsing this free math worksheet site.

You can also sort out your worksheets by country, however this only includes the USA, Australia and U.K.

It might also be handy to know that because children start 1st grade when they’re 5 years old in the UK – whereas in the USA they generally start when they’re 6 years old this is reflected in the worksheets which are geared to the USA.

Year 4 worksheets for the UK are the equivalent to Year 3 worksheets in the USA.


If you know of any free worksheet or lesson resources just drop them in the comments at the bottom of the page. If they’re VERY good we’ll add them to the list on this page.



2 thoughts on “FREE Homeschool Curriculum Texbooks and Resources”

  1. dear lady, i saw your october video about your dreams. very impressive. heres the deal, im wanting to jpoin your prayer line for our country and DJT. Im no prayer worrior by any means but id like to contribute because U.S.A, as well as U.K. and everyone else needs the prayers. i needs prayers to help me commit to this cause. your work is impressive. im 61 and tried homeschooling my children, went ok but i never followed a formula. homeschooling is the only way to go. good job. So let me know how i can help.

    1. Hi Frank, God Bless You for praying! Every prayer counts and this little army of people praying is moving mountains and shaking the heavens as we take back the land of the USA at the foundational levels for Jesus. Yes, homeschooling is the ONLY way to go! Thanks for your encouragement. I’ll add you to the flexible part of the schedule. God Bless You!

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