Free English Curriculum for Home Education

The Good and the Beautiful Sample Pages

This Language Arts and Literature combine and thoroughly cover phonics, reading, writing, spelling, literature, grammar, punctuation, art, and geography—all in one easy-to-use, beautiful course. It’s also has a general Christian world view to reinforce high moral character building.

You can download their FULL Math and Language Arts and Literature at their website here, where they offer Grades 1-5 as a free PDF download. All you’ll need is your email address.

You can find their Math Curriculum sample pages here.

ATTENTION! The following are sample pages only, for the FREE full downloadable workbooks, please visit their main site mentioned above.

170 of 344 pages
43 of 325 pages
92 of 313 pages
143 pages
211 pages

Smart Start English

Laid out in a simple format these are packed full of easy to print black and white worksheets that cover everything your child needs to know for each grade and excel at them. They learn just a few of the following, similarities, differences, contrasts, outcomes, prediction, analogies, story mapping, inference, different points of view etc….

Need Math Curriculum? You can find FREE Mathematics curriculum here.

141 pages pdf
141 pages pdf
141 pages pdf
141 pages pdf
141 pages pdf
141 pages pdf

Plain not so Plain

Amy from the blog “Plain and not so Plain” has put together her own very basic, black and white printer friendly curriculum. Having 10 kids of her and wanting schooling to be just the bare basics she’s cut out a lot of extra stuff. It is exactly that, a simple core curriculum written in minimalist style.

You can see Amy’s Math Curriculum at the bottom of the page here at the bottom of the MATH page.

280 pages of Math and English
120 pages
96 pages
130 pages
129 pages
128 pages
150 pages
21 pages
140 pages
128 pages
21 pages
147 pages
126 pages
21 pages
146 pages
21 pages
278 pages
22 pages
152 pages

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