Free Math Curriculum for Home Education

The “Good and Beautiful” Math Curriculum Samples

Full of colors, beauty and jaw dropping art, and a non-denomination Christian worldview, The “Good and Beautiful” approaches Mathematics with a spiral technique as opposed to a mastery technique. Most sample pages have between 70 to 170 pages so there’s PLENTY to get a feel for their curriculum.

With each curriculum download you’ll get plenty of pages to see how beautiful the full textbook will be.

FULL pdf file textbooks can be downloaded for free from their website here. You’ll need to enter your email to access the download.

Click any picture to go to the SAMPLE download page.

61 of 399 pages
54 of 349 pages
97 of 401 pages
82 of 395 pages
51 of 369 pages

Smart Start Mathematics

This curriculum is very visual packed full of colors, charts and explanation on almost every page. It’s a very “self-taught” type of curriculum where you can leave your child too it. Most books are between 500 and 800 pages and cover an array of topics.

3rd Grade Math – 815 pages – Full Curriculum

4th Grade Math – 510 pages – Full Curriculum

5th Grade Math – 679 pages – Full Curriculum

6th Grade Math – 838 pages – Full Curriculum

7th Grade Math – 799 pages – Full Curriculum

Plain Not So Plain Curriculum

Amy has done a great job putting together her own curriculum that boasts absolute simplicity. Her philosophy is to cut all the complexity out of education and focus on reading, writing and arithmetic, and that’s exactly what she’s done.

Her curriculum pages are gentle and easy to complete, with a basic black and white format so you won’t waste money on colored ink.

If you prefer to buy her paperback courses for each grade you can do that here. Also be sure to check out her website here.

You can also find the MATH answer key for 9th grade here. AND the Part 2 of 2nd grade Math here.

280 pages of Math and English
Part 1 62 pages
122 pages
160 pages
149 pages
149 pages
271 pages
125 pages

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