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Chunky Knit Seed Blanket

Let’s Make A Chunky Knit Seed Blanket!

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You’ll need:

  1. 120 meters of super chunky yarn (or 3 kgs/6.6 lbs of felted merino wool roving)
  2. Your arms!

Step 1. Cast on 17 stitches

Or as many stitches as you’d like the blanket to be wide.

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Step 2. Knit and Purl

In all rows slip the first stitch, then alternate rows of “knit1, purl1, repeat” and the next row of “purl1, knit1, repeat”

Step 3. Cast Off and Weave in the Ends

Pattern TIP

For every row check what the previous stitch was.  If you’re not sure what type of stitch to do, check the previous row and the exactly stitch your on (so basically just look directly below the stitch your on).  If the stitch below is a knit stitch, you’ll need to make the stitch your on (above that) a purl stitch.

By alternating knit and purl stitches you have a vast array of lovely textured bumps for your chunky knit blankets!

Good yarns for this project are:

Red Heart’s Irresistable Yarn
ohhio, becozi, arm knitting, hand knitting

Chunky Chenille Yarn
ohhio, becozi, arm knitting, hand knitting

Jazz Couture Yarn
ohhio, becozi, arm knitting, hand knitting

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