arm knitting tutorial for heart blanket

Arm Knitting Heart Blanket (Preview) Tutorial

This is truly one of the most beautiful blankets I’ve arm knitted up so far and it was magical to create.  Being inspired by the sky with it’s blues, white and sparkles of rainbow after a storm.  

I asked the woollen mill to spin up a special mixture that includes 3 different shades of blue wool, 1 natural white shade kissed with glittery sparkles which makes the whole blanket like look magical!

UNFORTUNATELY the sparkles that flow magically through the blues on this blanket are not visible in the picture, but it truly is a magical blanket when you see it with your own eye’s.

The blue tones would also work exquisitely well to create a Disney “Frozen” blanket, but we’ll have to leave that for another time!  Okay now, onto arm knitting the heart blanket.

Arm Knitting Heart Blanket (1st half)


Instructions: 1st Half Of Heart Blanket Tutorial

(the full tutorial is available to purchase here: )

Cast on 23 sts (I used a mock long tail, but you can use anything you like)

  • Use one ball of white yarn for the chain and half of the loops for row 1, then tie on the second ball of yarn in the back loop of the stitch you’ve just knitting then continue making the rest of the loops with the new yarn, you should have half the loops with one ball of white and the other half with the other ball of white.

arm knitting heart blanket


Arm Knitting Heart Blanket Tutorial Pattern 



Slip the first stitch in every row for the entire blanket AND Ktbl (knit through the back loop) the last stitch in every row.  If I say knit all rows, you still need to slip the first and ktbl the last stitch.


ATTENTION!  Keep in mind when arm knitting the heart blanket.

Whenever you come to the new yarn OR want to change colours you must ALWAYS without exception use the intarsia twirl, if you don’t you’ll have a huge gap in your blanket.


Rows 2-6: Knit all Stitches, but use the intarsia twirl where you’ve joined the second ball of yarn on in the middle of each row (remember in every row to slip the first and ktbl the last stitch).


Rows 7: Knit with white until you come to the 12th stitch (the very center of the blanket) Tie on the blue yarn on the back bar behind the 12th stitch.  Use the intarsia twirl with the white and blue yarn, then knit one stitch blue, use the intarsia twirl again with the next ball of white yarn and knit the rest of the stitches in that row with white.


Row 8: Knit 10 stitches (slip 1, knit 9) with white, do the intarsia twirl with the blue and white yarn, and knit stitches 11, 12, and 13 with blue, do the intarsia twirl and continue knitting the rest of the row with white.

Row 9: Knit 9 white, 5 blue, 9 white

Row 10: Knit 8 white, 7 blue, 8 white

Row 11: Knit 7 white,  9 blue, 7 white

Row 12: Knit 6 white, 11 blue, 6 white

Row 13: Knit 5 white, 13 blue, 5 white

Row 14: Knit 4 white, 15 blue, 4 white

Row 15-17: Knit 3 white, 17 blue, 3 white


Did you enjoy this?  Comment on what you would like a tutorial on!

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