diy super chunky knitted baby blanket

Baby Blanket Tutorial FAST, EASY and Super Chunky

DIY knitted baby blanket

Let’s Arm Knit A Baby Blanket

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What You’ll Need For This Project

First off for your baby blanket you’ll need 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of merino wool roving that has been lightly felted  OR 45 to 50 meters of super bulky yarn.  You can always use several strands of yarn at a time if it’s not bulky enough or simply chain the entire length of yarn to create a new bulky strand of yarn.

Cast On 10 Stitches

We’ll do the cast on using a mock long tail cast on also called a chain cast on.  Tie a very loose knot and put your hand through it so the loop is on your wrist.  Now pull the loose yarn through that loop creating another loop and put your hand through the new loop.  Continue creating new loops until you’ve created a chain link 10 stitches long.

Part 2 of The Cast On

You’ll need to pull up one more stitch and hold it at a 90 degree angle to the rest of the chain, this is the first stitch in the next row.  Continue pulling the loose yarn through the little bumps on the chain.  You should have 10 loops when you’ve finished.  Now put all the loops on your arm making sure that when their on the loose yarn is near your hand and not your elbow.  To do this correctly you’ll need to open the loops up so they face you and put your hand through the loop from back to front.  This way the loops with be correctly aligned.  If you put your hand in from the front of the loops to the back it will twist the stitches.

chunky knit wool roving blanket tutorial

(The blanket in the picture is barely felted compared to the VERY WELL felted yarn from the video tutorial)  Although they look a lot nicer barely felted blankets will shed like mad everywhere.  Felt your blanket up and enjoy it forever!


Time to Knit The Body Of The Baby Blanket

In every row you’ll need to slip the first stitch without knitting it, ktbl (knit through the back loop) the last stitch and use the knit stitch on all the rest.  Knit up all the rows until you have just enough yarn for one last row and then we’ll do the cast off.

Casting Off

To do the cast off on your baby blanket you’ll need to slip the first stitch in the row as usual, then knit only one stitch.  Now on the arm with only 2 stitches on it, lift the back stitch up and over the front stitch and drop it off your arm.  Knit one more stitch and do the same.  Lift the back stitch and drop it over the front.  Repeat this process for all the remaining stitches.  Once you have only one stitch left cut the yarn leaving a tail and pull it through the remaining loop and snug it up nice and tight, then weave in the tail to hide it into the edges of the blanket.

Now you should have a beautiful DIY baby blanket created in 20 mins or less.

arm knitting and finger crocheting

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