8 Creative and Fun Art Projects to Do with Your Kids

Kids love to show their imaginative and creative side through different activities such as writing, drawing, creating unique games and sports, and so on. This is how they show signs of growth and mental development.

Painting is a great way to find out how kids think and what they feel about the world around them. Also, everyone loves to paint every once in a while. If you have free time, then coming up with innovative painting ideas could be a great way to build a strong bond between you and your kid.

With that in mind, we have come up with a few painting projects that you can try out with your kids. We are sure both you and your kid will love these ideas.

Learn Different Methods of Painting

Coming up with painting projects might not only be about picking up a brush and spreading colors. Painting is also about learning various methods of expressing one’s feelings.

And so, you and your kid can spend some time learning about the different painting methods and find out which one both of you prefer. There is the simple oil coloring where you use oil pastels or the much more complex water coloring where you use watercolors.

Gather Necessary Tools

Now, the next task is whether you have the necessary items for your project.

Painting is not a free-hand activity. You need tools and the right kind of tools. Collecting the right tools could be the difference between a mesmerizing piece of art or a disaster.

Learn about different painting tools with your kids. Some common painting tools include:

  • Brush:

The standard tool for painting. There are the round-shaped brush, the flat-shaped brush, the fan-shaped brush, and many more.

  • Art Paper:

A good quality art paper can make a huge difference and each type of paper corresponds to each type of color.  For example, you cannot use canvas art paper for watercolor.

  • Masking Tape:

Masking tape is necessary if you want to move on to bigger projects.

If you want to help your kid repaint their room, you will definitely need masking tape. The tape helps paint accurately and also saves the surface from paint splatters

  • Color:

You obviously need to know what type of color you need for your painting project. For instance, you can choose between spray color, oil pastel, crayons, and watercolor just to name a few.

Fun Painting Projects for You and Your Kid

Now that you know the basics, we can move on to some amazing art techniques and projects that are easy to do at home with your kids.

1.   Spill Painting

Now that you have gone through the initial steps, let us look at our first creative yet simple painting idea, the spill painting!

The concept of this painting style is pretty self-explanatory. You pick some colors that are light and not that dense such as watercolor, put them on an art paper, and tilt the paper so that the watercolor slowly spills.

You can do it using acrylic paints which is easy for beginner painters.

Seems pretty simple, right? That is because it is! And you can create some wonderful art with this style of painting.

2.   Yarn Painting

For these projects, you need to first color a set of yarns that you will require for your art. Then, get a piece of art paper and make a sketch of what you want to draw.

After that, gently put glue over the sketch and attach the colored yarns to the glue. This is a very fun way to make your painting have some extra features to give off a 3D vibe.

Once you are done with your art piece, you can use the leftover yarn to make cool knitting projects as well.

3.   Colorful Marbled Papers

Who knew shaving foam could also be used for painting? When you have a creative mind, anything can be used for anything.

For this project, put some shaving foam on a tray and drop different colors on top of the cream. Then use a stick to swirl the colors with the shaving cream. Then dip your art paper on top of the foam-color swirl and pick it up.

Finally, use an expired credit card to remove access foam and you will have a paper with marble-like colors and texture.

4.   Pendulum Painting

We have all seen videos on the internet where a bucket is used as a pendulum and spun around. It spews color which drops on top of a large piece of paper underneath.

This could be a wonderful way to discover some unique paintings. Use different colors for different effects. But be sure you cover the entire floor of the room because there will be a lot of spills.

5.   Spray Painting

You can use different objects to create shapes. For instance, you can use a bowl to create the shape of a planet and use black spray around the bowl to create the dark night sky around.

The possibilities with these “Spray Paint Planets” are literally endless as you can mix different colors and create unique and distinct planets every time.

6.   Make a Splat

You can be sure that your kids are going to love this, and it might even bring out the inner child from within you.

You dip a water liquid absorbent object such as a piece of cloth or a sponge with watercolors and splat them on a piece of paper. The color stored will come out and create some amazing textures. Just be ready to clean up the huge mess afterward.

The giggles and laughter are well worth going through the trouble of cleaning.

7.   Pour Painting

This method of painting requires a bit of preparation. In a bottle, you need to mix glue, water, and any watercolor. Do this for different colors such as blue, green, red, or yellow. Then from the bottles, pour all of them into a drinking glass. The different colors poured together will create a unique shape in the glass.

Then, pour the mixed colors onto an art paper and let the color mixture slowly spread. Once fully extended, you will see the wonderful design of the different colors created. This may be time-consuming, but the results are eye-catching.

8.   Drill Painting

Instead of liquid colors, this project will require color pens and of course a drill. Since this art uses a power tool, be sure you are nearby or your kids might hurt themselves.

Drill a piece of art paper and press the trigger of the drill. As the paper spins, hold a colored pen on top of the paper. This will create a perfectly shaped circle.

You can then use different colors around the first circle to create interesting spiral arts.

Final Thoughts

If there is one activity where you can literally do anything you want and still get a beautiful result, then that is painting. Plus, it is also a great way to develop the imaginative and creative side of your kid, and of yourself.

Choose one of the many fun painting projects to do with your kids listed in this article. What’s the wait? Just gather the necessary tools and prepare for an awesome time with your kid.

We can assure you no matter which project you choose, you are bound to have a wonderful time.

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