12 Arm Knitting Tutorials


These creations were all knitted up with giant arm knitting yarn (aka felted wool roving).  Each tutorial specifies the amount of wool or yarn needed to complete each project, and the cheapest place we know of to buy it from.

Beginner Friendly Tutorials

Yes that’s right, each tutorial is beginner friendly, although the corn cob blanket does take a lot of patience, but go slow and you’ll turn out a masterpiece.  Why not have an arm knitting party with your friends?

The following tutorials will be included:

  1. Andalusian Blanket Tutorial
  2. Arm Crocheted Swirl Rug Tutorial
  3. Minimalist Blanket Tutorial
  4. Seed Blanket Tutorial
  5. Moss Blanket Tutorial
  6. Sheep Rug Tutorial
  7. Cowl Tutorials
  8. Heart Blanket Tutorial
  9. Corn Cob Throw Tutorial
  10. Branch Cable Blanket Tutorial
  11. Carrot Blanket Tutorial
  12. Cat Basket Tutorial

A Few More Pics of the Just Some of the Tutorials

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