4 thoughts on “The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts Curriculum”

  1. Dear One, Please put me on your prayer clock to join all in prayer for the whole world and especially now DJT, and the United States of America.
    Will pray from 6:00/to7:00. For all intentions declared in your requested text.
    Please note some of us have been here for some time and now for a time like this will humbly join in for bottom line GOD WINS,WE WIN.
    Also having 35 persons in my immediate family I include them as we all are prayer warriors. We do nothing on our own but all things with the Lord in our hearts having His way with us. Amen

    1. Marge thank you so much for your little prayer warrior team and the prayers you’ve been offering. God wins! YES this is the bottom line as you’ve said it, and it’s so exciting that we get to be a part of making it happen with our prayers. God Bless you abundantly as you pray and cover you with the blood of Jesus. I’ll put you on the chart soon.

  2. Dear Stacy,
    I heard your message this morning (on “Alice down the rabbit hole”) and will commit to 8-9 am London time.
    Am honored to do this

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