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    1. Hi Tracy, Check out my chart here //trulymajestic.com/much-yarn-arm-knit-blanket/ It will help you decide how much yarn to use. The blanket in the picture above is extra large and used about 306 yards. You’ll need to check what the length is on each ball of yarn, and bear in mind that if it’s thinner than wool roving you might want to double it up as you knit it, then you’ll actually need double of what I used. I hope that helps!

        1. Hi Kalyn, Sorry for the delay, I missed this comment. For any size blanket you should cast on a chain of the width you want. Because everyone’s arms are different sizes it actually varies quite a bit how many stitches you’ll need. So if you need a blanket 60″ wide, you’ll need to make a chain until it’s 60″ long, and then put your loops into the dashes on the back of the chain. I hope that helps!

  1. Yes that would be about right. However it all depends on how big or small your arms are. You might want to first do a chain cast on and see how long you want your blanket. If it’s not as wide as you want it just add another stitch or two.

  2. How many stitches do I need for a medium blanket? And how many balls of wool will I need?
    Kind regards

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