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Acrylic Pouring Cells With Ann Osborne

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secrets to acrylic pouring with ann osborne

How To Get Cells (And Other Cool Stuff) With Acrylic Fluid Pouring

 Note from Stacy “Thanks Ann so much for all your expert advice and for sharing your secrets with us! For all those reading this, if you’ve never done acrylic pouring you can start out fairly cheap with a starter kit bundle on Amazon.”

My name is Ann Osborne, and I am thrilled that Stacy asked me to write this blog (my first ever blog post!). I have been an artist pretty much my entire life, but in my adult life I have ventured into mosaics, mixed media, and for the past few years I have primarily focused on acrylic pouring.  

Acrylic Pouring Tutorials On Youtube

My YouTube career started almost two years ago, and I had no idea what an amazing community I was starting. I had been posting photos of my art, which was negative white space with a technique I dubbed “flip and drag”, on a facebook group (Acrylic Pouring Basics; started by Annemarie Ridderhof) and after being asked how I created it numerous times, I decided to make a video. Then I made another, and another, and over 500 videos later I am loving the connections I have made with people from around the globe.

I am posting this video first, because it explains the paints I use, and how I mix them which is my number one asked question. My number two asked question is about the pan I pour in, which can be found here.

How Can I Get Acrylic Pouring Cells?

Cells can be beautiful, but sometimes I feel that too much is placed upon getting them as the end goal, when if fact some of my favorite paintings have little to no cells at all. I do understand the fascination with them, and I can give you some tips to get them.

Start with your mixed paint; I use floetrol and water and do not measure, which is why I gave the paint mixing video so that you can watch to see what consistency I like (I prefer mine on the thinner side) and pour your white paint over the canvas.

The technique I am going to explain is a swipe, and it is the easiest method to achieve acrylic pouring cells. You can then add dots of color all over the canvas. Mix a small amount of white paint with Spot On treadmill silicone (found on my Amazon list) and pour that along the side of the canvas (or wherever you want your swipe to start). Take a piece of cardboard and lightly float it over the colors on the canvas.

The torching after you do this will really make the cells pop up. Here are a few videos that demonstrate this

Swipe method on a full size door!
Acrylic pour swipe method on canvas

Another technique of mine that creates cells fairly easily is the “stamp” technique. Here is a link to this method.

Acrylic Pour Stamp Method

Acrylic Painting Is ME Time

Even though I share it with the world, painting is my “me” time. I look forward to it almost every day. Not every painting I create is a winner though, and if you watch my videos enough, you will learn that I am not shy about wiping off the canvas and starting fresh. If a pour isn’t going how you want, wipe parts of it off. Wipe it all off! As I like to say, “it’s just paint”.

Your painting is your creation, your baby, so don’t settle for less if it isn’t what you want. Also keep in mind that like everything, this is a method of painting that takes time to learn and to make your own. Don’t be afraid to try new things or play around with color. That is how you find out what you like, and what looks good. Have fun with it!!

You can find me on YouTube, Facebook (Ann Osborne Art), Instagram @annosborne76, and Etsy.

I try to answer every question that comes my way, and every comment on my videos. I want you all to know how important you are to me, and how much I appreciate each and every one of you.

acrylic cells pour

 Note from Stacy “Thanks Ann so much for all your expert advice and for sharing your secrets with us! For all those reading this, if you’ve never done acrylic pouring you can start out fairly cheap with a starter kit bundle on Amazon.”

Acrylic Pouring Cells with Ann Osborne
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Acrylic Pouring Cells with Ann Osborne
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