Submission Guidelines

If you’d like your stone painting tutorial published on this blog and in our Youtube series “180 days of stone painting” read on! This series will run from April 1st, 2019 to September 27th, 2019

To submit you must:

  • Have a full length video tutorial already published on the internet somewhere (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo … wherever). Preferably the tutorial will be 8 minutes or longer (no maximum limit).
  • You must email me a nice picture of the finished stone with a link to the online video. Please also include any links you want included in the blog post and Youtube description such as Etsy shop, Facebook page, Instagram etc… (With those I will then create a short video teaser for my youtube channel, and create a blog post with your full length video embedded in it).
  • Not every tutorial may be accepted, it depends on how many free slots I have and how good the quality of your tutorial is. Please email the tutorials to [email protected]
  • IF your tutorial(s) is accepted I’ll write back and ask you to write out a few paragraphs about yourself. How you got started rock painting, what inspires you, what your hobbies are and anything else you’d like to include about yourself. This will be published as an intro to yourself for one of your tutorials.

If you have any questions send me an email, or you can also contact me on my facebook page.