Natural Wool Blanket Kit (Woodland Animals)


ATTENTION:  Leave your “Blanket Color” and “Accent Color” in the “Note Section” during checkout.  

i.e. White Merino Wool – Blanket Color

Grey Merino Wool – Accent Color


Super soft and cosy warm. 

Natural Wool Blanket Kit Includes:

  • 10 kgs (22 lbs) of natural wool (for the main blanket)
  • 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of accent natural wool (to make the animals and shapes)
  • Short online video course walking you through the steps of how to make different size blankets, keep your stitches even, a special “no shed” hack, and how to make animal shapes (or any shape you want).

Wool Types

Merino Wool – Very very soft, but not quite as puffy as the other two wool types.

Corriedale Wool – Not quite as soft as Merino but more puffy.

White Eider Wool – Just over the line of being slightly course, and has a creamy off white color, but has a great amount of puff to it.  Perfect for beds, couches or anything that isn’t going to be directly on bare skin.

Time Required:

Roughly 5 hours, but this depends greatly on how fast or slow you knit.  It can be done quicker than this if you’re comfortable.

Washing your Blankets:

All blankets are machine washable (if you use a 15 minute quick wash), but it’s better to hand wash or spot wash them as blankets stay fluffier.

Blanket Sizes:

The blanket kit can be divided up into different blanket sizes.

1 Extra Large Blanket 94″ x 74″ (240 cm x 188 cm)


2 Large Blankets 74″ x 47″ (188 cm x 120 cm)


3 Medium Blankets 55″ x 35″ (140 cm x 90 cm)


4 Small Blankets 47″ x 37″ (120 cm x 94 cm)

You’ll be using arms or simply put your knitting on the floor for this project, No Needles required.

Other Uses

The blanket(s) can also be put into a duvet or quilt cover and used as a pure wool mattress topper during the summer when you don’t need a blanket.  They’re incredibly breathable and airy to sleep on.

Video Course

We’ll email you a PDF file that contains the links to the video course approximately the same time the blanket kit is shipped out.

FREE Global Shipping

We hate adding and calculating shipping, so we’ve included it in the price.  Although this means we don’t make much on some orders we prefer happy customers instead!

Because we use couriers you must include your phone number or we can’t ship out. 

This natural wool blanket kit will ship out within 15 of the date ordered.  



Blanket Color (10 kgs/22 lbs)

Merino White, Merino Grey, Merino Brown, Corriedale White, Corriedale Grey, Corriedale Brown, White Eider

Accent Color (1 kg/2.2 lbs)

Merino White, Merino Grey, Merino Brown, Corriedale White, Corriedale Grey, Corriedale Brown, White Eider


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