Hand Painted Night Tree Rock


Hand painted tree stone from the magical beaches of Cumbria England.

How Stones Get Chosen and Painted

Carefully hand picked stones off the magical beaches of Cumbria in England, and painted by fingers, wooden sticks, natural foliage and other things from nature.

This Night Tree Rock has been painted with fingers only, and is swirled with a breathtaking touch of moonlight in the background to give it that magical look.


This listing is for ONE stone (the night tree).  The other stones have been shown to give you an idea of what can be painted.  If you want something specific painted for YOU please contact us first. If you want a specific design, you won’t be charged until your happy with it, you are not obliged to buy if you’ve changed your mind after it’s painted. We aim for 100% satisfaction of our costumers.

Signed On The Back

Each stone is signed “S. Tavassoli” with the year written and “Made in England”  or “Handpainted in England”, if you’d like your own personalised message, please leave a note during the check out or contact us here to make sure we’ve received your message.

Stone Care

Each stone is sealed with a clear coat to protect the paint from sun and water, however it should not be placed in an area receiving direct sunlight (this can fade the paint over time).


FREE Global Shipping!

If you have any questions please contact us.  We love to be of service.

Special discount for those who want a set of stones painted.  Please contact use to work out the details.


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