Arm Knitting Videos

Arm Knitting Basics

(with Truly Majestic)

If you watch all these videos you should have enough understanding

to make your own blanket  AND lightly felt your wool roving properly.


Intro: Lightly Felting Wool Roving

This is critically important to stop your giant blankets from shedding, pilling and fuzzing out

If your wool roving is properly felted your knits will have a long and beautiful life!

Lesson 1: Casting On

This is a single cast on which creates a stretchy almost invisible edge.

It is not very decorative but it is SUPER EASY!

Lesson 2: The Knit Stitch

This is the most used stitch in knitting!  It creates a nice smooth minimalist look

and is very easy to do.  (Skip to 0:49 on the video to see the knit stitch).

Lesson 3: Knitting Through The Back Loop (Ktbl)

This is a decorative stitch that twists the stitches and give them a nice textured braided look.

It is also the FASTEST stitch you can arm knit!  (Skip to 0:52 on video)

Lesson 4: The Purl Stitch

Another absolutely necessary to know stitch to arm knitting.  This stitch

creates little dashes across your knits, and when alternated with the knit stitch

it makes the nice little pattern you see above.

Lesson 5: Casting Off

This is the way you finish your knits.  It leaves a nice decorative edge that has minimal stretch.

If you want your Cast On edge to match this Cast Off edge you’ll need to do a “Mock Long Tail Cast On.”

Lets Arm Knit Some Projects!!!

We’re going to be going through a few projects here.  Here are the tutorials for a giant heart blanket,

and 2 different types of scarves.

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Happy Arm Knitting,


Learn Arm Knitting

You'll find all the arm knitting basics here. Once you've watched the video's you should be able to EASILY create an entire giant knit blanket on your own within 1 hour!