10 kgs of Merino Wool Roving

What Can You Do With It???

ohhio, truly majestic wool roving

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OUR Giveaway Goals

To encourage all sorts of arts and crafts created with Merino wool we’ve decided what way could be better and promoting crafts than to do a HUGE merino wool giveaway!

What would you like to do with it?  Lightly felt it up for arm knitting yarn, wet felt it, nuno felt it, needle felt it, or create a brand new never heard of before craft with it?

If we get enough interest in our giveaway we’d like to run a very large giveaway like this every month as a THANK YOU to our humble but growing followers.

Sound good to you?  Than be sure to share this post with your circles!

wool roving giveaway

For the winner there are more than 100 colours

of wool roving available!





What Is Wool Roving?

I get asked this all the time so I might as well make it clear here just in case anyone is confused about what it’s good for.

Wool roving is washed and combed wool that comes in long strands like yarn, but unlike yarn it is completely unspun which means it’s very delicate.

It is highly prized by felters around the world as it turns out stunning projects.  It can be wet felted,  needle felted, nunfelted and shaped into all sorts of things from complex and intricate pictures, to skirts, scarves, hats, dresses, coats, slippers and even incredibly thick durable shoes (we have the Russian ladies to thank for that one, they’ve master felting to a level that seems to be unmatched around the world)



It can also be lightly felted in it’s long string and used for arm knitting yarn to make things such as the following.  Lightly felting the wool makes it super sturdy, and prevents it from pilling fuzzing out and shedding.  Of course it is still wool so you will have a little bit of that going on, but not the bucket loads you would if you were to skip the felting part and just arm knit it up!

Has this been helpful?

If you still have questions about wool roving, don’t hesitate to comment below!  I’m always checking for ways to help 🙂

Happy Crafting,


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